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My old home page hadn't been revised since October 2002 (where it was launched) and quite frankly, it wasn't all that pretty (Yes, I did get all the hints you people thought I should have.) So this weekend (23'rd February 2008), I have attended a netparty at a friends place, and this seemed the perfect time to renew the homepage.

It is now done in ASP.NET 2.0, using MasterPages, which makes it easy for me to change the overall layout without changing all the pages. Also, it has a brand new online chat function :-)

The layout has been copied from Open Source Web Design and I am actually quite happy with it. Credit for this specific design can be found at the lower right corner of this page, where the designer has asked that it may be put.

Take a look around, and let me know if you have comments.

About Me

Yeah, it´s me! Jan Eliasen
Age: 48
Divorced and has two boys


Phone +45 61334242
Birthdate 27/5-1976
Address Gammel Havn 7,
9000 Aalborg



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